Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My first WWdN Invitational

After lurking around all the blogs and hearing about all the fun everyone had in the Wil Wheaton tournaments on Pokerstars, I decided to take the plunge tonight for the first time.

I played it pretty tight and got some nice cards throughout the night. There were 67 players and I hovered around the top 10 for a good amount of time. I was about 7th in chips when I got JJ in the hole. There was a raise to 1200 in front of me by Shane Nickerson who was in middle position. I reraised to 2000 and it folded back to him and he called. The flop came 10 high and he bet out 1200. I only had 2300 left so I pushed and he called with A 10 sooted. It all looked good until the river turned the A and I was out in 18th.

My wifey was shattered from her quiet evening of scrapbooking (her new hobby since she is now a poker widow) by my wails of pain and flying sofa pillows. Hahahahaha. Oh well. I can't complain because that is the game and I felt like I played pretty well. Didn't chase too much. Did donk off a few chips here and there but overall, played pretty well and was lucky to have AA, KK, and QQ stand up throughout the night. With all that, I can't complain about my cracked JJ right? Many would have died for my cards tonight.

Anyway, I had a good time. It was pretty intimidating for me playing with a lot of the players that I read about or at least read their blogs. It was cool to have Mean Gene at the table too. At this point, my blog sucks but I like the idea of learning what I am from everyone else's blogs and I am sure it will get better as time goes by.

Btw, it was pretty cool to be mentioned in Wil's live blog of the tourney when I took a nice pot with my QQ vs 10's. He liked the avatar I have on Pokerstars which me and my buddy used as our fantasy football logo this year. I will miss next week's tourney because I will be in Disney with the family but look forward to playing in future tourneys.


At 5:46 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Welcome to the demented world of poker and blogging. I've only been here a few months myself, and I stumbled across you from Klopzi's blog. Congrats on placing as high as you did in the WWdN. With the move to Tuesdays, I'm hoping that I'll have more of a chance to play in them, than when they were on Fridays. I'm usually on Stars early evenings (before 9) and occasionally after 11:30. See ya on the felt

At 2:12 AM, Blogger phat said...

I followed hoff here like the crazed stalker I am. Link me up and I'll do the same. Also, our blogs look eerily similar..



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