Friday, January 06, 2006

Going to Disney World

The family and I are going to Disney World in a couple weeks. I had been stalling on buying the park tickets because they were so expensive but decided I better get them. I ended up buying them just before New Year's because someone mentioned that they might go up. Lucky I listened for once. I just checked the prices again and the 2 tickets that I bought for my wife and I went up a total of $100! I can't believe how expensive that place is.

We go every year because we have a timeshare up here that we got cheap and we swap out for a place in Orlando. We save tons of cash on a place to stay but there is no way to get around the park tickets. It is crazy how expensive it is.

I was down there in November for a conference and realized how whacked the whole Disney World thing is. We are always so excited about our trip every year. Can't wait until it gets here. As soon as we leave, we are bummed that we are home in the crappy winter weather again and always miss it so much. I'll tell you what though, while we are there, the fun and misery is usually about 50/50.

I noticed while I was there alone in November how everyone is like this. You see whining crying kids, parents yelling at them, everyone rushing around to the next attraction. It is crazy. We agonize over getting there, spend gobs of cash, and don't even fully enjoy it while we are there. I am making it a resolution of mine this year to enjoy it while I am actually there, rather than thinking back about it and wishing I had.

Ok, enough rambling on about nothing for now. Sorry about that.


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