Friday, June 16, 2006

The WWdN: Not the and such

I decided to play the WWdN, Not the last night after getting home from my son’s baseball game. There were 19 people as we kicked it off and jjok was noticeably absent, as smokkee noted. I hit him up on the girly chat thing and he got in during the late registration time to get us to 20 players.

It was an odd mix of players with only a few of the normal, as Don calls them, “crew”, with Don, Hoyazo, Smokkee, jjok, and waffles in but no Kat, Jules, George, Mookie, or Carmen in the house. I had a big name to my left to start and CJ would began with a bang as he cracked Don’s bullets on the first or second hand of the tourney. The rest of my table, until Jaxia joined us shortly after the start, I didn’t know anyone. They obviously played a lot together as their banter went back and forth throughout. One of them was last week’s runner up in this tourney, so I figured it would be a tough go.

I managed to grab a few small pots while trying consciously not to overplay my hands in the early levels. I had JJ on one hand where I raised it up preflop and had a caller. When the flop came down all unders, I bet out the pot, only to be raised. I called and then we check back and forth on the turn and river and I took down an ok sized pot. I probably should have been a little more aggressive with the overpair but like I said, it was early and I just wanted to minimize my mistakes. Good or bad, you be the judge.

I think we were still in the first level, possibly the second when I was dealt cowboys. I think I was UTG so I raised it up and was reraised a good amount. We went back and forth again until all the chips were in the middle preflop. I had the guy covered by about T350 and was happy to see his JJ turn over. That is until the CJ luckbox magic rubbed off on this guy as he hit his set on the flop.

Frustrating but that is the game. I played it patiently and ended up slowly getting my stack back up. I did almost get sucked out on when I pushed a while later with the hammer vs A5 sooooted pre-flop, but luckily I hit the 7 on the river to avoid the hammer crack. I was moved to the other table at that point with waffles, darval and others and I continued to get enough cards to win me some pots and build my stack.

By the time we got to the final table, I was almost up to 2k in chips, but I was still a small stack to a lot of people at the table so when I saw big slick, I pushed and was called by a pocket pair and was sent to the rail. I think I ended in 8th or 9th or something. Overall, not that bad given the start.

There was one other suckout that happened while I was seated at CJ’s table that I don’t recall the specifics on . I just remember thinking, man, I don’t even have to be in the hand with him. Just being seated next to him, I should have known not to put my chips in ahead ;)

After I was out, I railed for a bit, but ended up pulling up FT. I had made a deposit there to play a few bracelet races but was down a little so I wanted to play some cash games to try and build it up. I jumped into a 50c/1.00 limit table and proceeded to donk off about $15 more dollars.

As that was going on, and my good starting hands were getting bshed around, I decided to jump into a $6 turbo sng. Again, I got sucked out on early and was down to about T400. Luckily, these guys were not bloggers. The suckout happened when I fell in love with my TPTK on an unconnected, rainbow board. I had raised preflop with AQ soooted and had one caller. The flop came down Q J 4. I bet the pot and was raised. I called and when the turn was a 6, I checked it to him and he pushed. He was a short stack so I had him covered, plus I was only afraid of the set at this point so I called. This guy put all his chips in qith J8o?? He was, of course rewarded on the river with his 8 for 2 pair.

As I said though, these guys were not good and I managed to come back like I did in the wwdn, but this time I was able to seal the deal. In the end, I got heads up with the donkey who had sucked out on that hand and I crushed him. He had sucked out on multiple people, and I am 90% sure that him and his buddy were working together at the table. On one hand I had QQ and was short stacked after the suckout. His buddy raised and I reraised. Another guy goes over the top all in and his buddy lays it down as I call. My QQ held up and the donkey types in “nice laydown john”. His screenname wasn’t john and he didn’t say what he had to the table so I was pretty sure they were working it. They never played against each other and took way too long to make their preflop decisions.

It is always sweeter to bust these colluding donkeys. Maybe I am just being paranoid.

Anyway, that was it for poker for me. My son won his game which pushed them to 6-5 and a 3 game win streak going into the playoffs next week. They beat the first place team yesterday and it was a really good game. It is a lot of fun going to his games.

I feel a little guilty about my 5 yr old though. I am his T-ball coach and we had a game last night at 5:30. His games last about an hour usually. It is basically, once each team bats through the order once per inning for 2 innings, we are done. With my older son playing at 6:00 last night, against the first place team, I was dying to run through it quickly. Not fair to the kids really, but man they can be frustrating at that age. My son is into it but most of the other kids are making mudpies and picking daisys. It can get annoying quick when I am missing my other son’s game at the same time.

Anyway, I rushed to the t-ball game in my work clothes and we got started about 1 minutes late because my assistant “coaches” got there after I did even. I got the kids going and was rifling through our batters to get through it. In the second inning, I am grabbing the ball as the other team tossed it back in when I stepped on a big rut next to home plate. We have had tons of rain lately so there were a bunch of ruts all around home plate. It can be dangerous if the kids were running around there but in t-ball, they just go station to station.

I stepped in this rut, my ankle gave way and I fell back flat on my ass into the mud. In my Dockers. With parents snickering. It was beautiful. Not only am I just trying to rifle through this game, but I fall flat on my ass into a mud spot in front of all the parents. I jumped up, brushed myself off, took a quick bow and finished the last couple batters. I think it was karma for not being into it or something. I think it is also because I am so silky smooooth.

That’s all I have so go visit someone to the right here who does a lot better than I. I am having a home tourney tonight so I may have something to share over the weekend. I have no idea how many I will get tonight. It oculd be one table or it could be four. We’ll see. Good luck to everyone in the Stars freeroll on Sunday. I hope to beat all your asses. And I hope to get my chips in while I am behind against CJ. I want the bounty man. Have a good weekend all.


At 10:22 AM, Blogger jjok said...

dirty dockers = karma

Thanks for pointing out the tourney to me.....wasn't much into it, but always obligated to play....

Are you catching any slack for the Father's Day tourney?

At 11:53 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

No, not really. My wife basically took off shopping for Mother's Day so it was understood I could do what I want. With that said, I might pull a Jordan and push the first orbit and hope to get some chips. It will be a long tourney.

At 1:47 PM, Blogger Joe (aka Unimpressed) said...

OK, what is WWdN. I've seen reference to it on other sites.

I have the pokerstars Blogger tournament on Sunday, which I told my wife about. I aws going to go to Foxwoods, but we're bring my daughter to see, Cars that afternoon. I do enjoy Pixar's movies, but haven't been to foxwoods in months!

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Note to self: ...must play The Not...can't get myself kicked out of Don's Crew for failure to appear!

As the dad of a 4 year old boy, I did the Tball stuff as much as the poker stuff...and Hoy is slowly curing me of my interest in exploring with 98s also...

At 9:54 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

Damn iak, as soon as I posted this, I knew there were many people that I left out. It was a just a sampling, I swear it.

Don has a big crew.


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