Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not much to report so skip it if you want...

Another quick post here. Not a lot new to report. I got home around 9pm last night after grabbing a few beers after work with a couple of the guys here. The dominos were on there too, and we were also waiting for the “Dominoes mutha fucka” with the fist slam while we drank (I say on there too because I just read someones blog that they were watching last night, but for the life of me I can’t find it again! I am losing my mind I think). I think it was being broadcast from ESPN Desportes though, so I am not sure what the proper Spanish phrase would have been.

When I got home, I was feeling a little sleepy from my Stella drafts and my McDonald’s Extra Value Meal. I fired up the laptop and watched cmitch grinding it out on Bodog. He was quite card dead for the time I was watching. Not too exciting really. He gave it his best though, but the cards didn't treat us right. I pulled up Stars and got ready to register for the Mookie but kept doing headbobs over and over. I think it was the beers anyway? Maybe it was the Red Sox getting their asses kicked by the Twinkies again. Not really sure but either way, I just wasn’t feeling it. I had been up way too late the 2 nights before so I actually decided to turn in for the night. At 10pm. What a wuss.

Baseball games tonight and then onto playing some poker on Stars, FT, Pokerroom, or Doyles. Not sure which. If you feel like playing, hit me with a girly chat IM. I am drewspoppoker on yahoo folks.

Lastly, congrats to Smokkee for taking down the Mookie. An even bigger congrats to Hoyazo for winning his seat to the $1500 WSOP event last night, exactly 1 attempt after final tabling on the same attempt the night before. Can’t wait to see all the screenshots.


At 6:38 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

hey old man,

get on sum WWdN:not


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