Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm not so good at MATH...

Last night, after donking it up in the bar league, I came home and decided to sign up for the Monday’s At The Hoy (MATH) tourney that Hoyazo recently started allowing the general public into. The game is a little steeper than I am used to for these blogger tourney’s but the payout are nice. He has consistently had 20 people for the last couple weeks and this week was more of the same with 21 runners.

I didn’t last so long. Actually, I didn’t even sniff the break. The cards worked against me for the most part. I was basically taken out by 2 hands. The first was when the blinds were at 25/50 and I raised it up to 200 from MP. CC was the only caller to see the flop with me. The flop came out a scary 3 clubs and didn’t have one. Nevertheless, heads up, what are the chances he has it? I bet out the pot, so 400 and CC goes over the top, with his big stack to put me all in. I went in the tank and folded with about 30 second left in my timer. I have never played with CC but had to give him some respect there.

That brought me down to 900 or so. I still had time but a couple hands later when I was in the BB I think, I had something like 9 J. There were just limpers into the pot and when I hit middle pair with an oesd, I pushed and was called by top pair that held up. I think it was someone else that did the deed. I said something in chat about dying with my KK instead of that hand, but CC put the mystery to bed for me when he said he flopped the flooosh. Congrats to CC who took this sucker down, as well as to the final table crew which included Hoy, Hacker59, Iak, Drraz, jeciimd, Kat, Guin and Gary. Well played by all.

Anyway, I was out of there, and with it being early still, I decided to play a 180 SNG. I have only played 2 before, once getting second for my biggest score ever of $740. I played a little NL cash before the MATH and had won about $15 so it was almost a freeroll anyway ;)

Waffles had also just busted out so I asked him if he wanted to jump in with me. He was on cloud 9 yesterday after booking his trip to Vegas, and decided to play along. As it was filling up, Surflexus was also knocked from the MATH and I asked him to join. I ended up trading 20% with each of them.

We got started and Waffles, continuing his on again off again relationship with the demons of poker, was out pretty quickly. George was chipping up nicely and I was pretty much even for a while. George mentioned a little while later that Hoyazo was also in the tourney with us, while he was final tabling his own event.

I don’t remember a lot of details but it was getting later in the tourney and my stack was getting small. I remember getting aces and doubling up to get me in a position to get to the money. George went out a while later and when we got down to about 10 places away from the money, Hoyazo was out also I noticed.

As the bubble approached, the guy to my right got real active. I had taken a big pot down with a flush and he was almost down to felt but kept pushing the action and chipped up quickly to get even with me and past me and others at the table. The blinds were huge and I needed to pick up a pot. I got KK and pushed but everyone folded and I got another orbit of relief, as jjok said in girly chat. Mookie was also railing with George and jjok. Anyway, the bubble past, but my cards went silent. It was awful. Finally with the blinds at 600/1200 and my stack at 2500, I got AJs and pushed. It folded around to aggressive guy and he thought for a minute and then called me with the a monster. 36o. The flop came down 4 A X and I was ready to rake the ole pot. Until the 5 on the turn. As soon as I saw that, I thought, you’ve got to be kidding, it is going to be a 2 or 7 for sure. As expected on muthafugginriverstars, the 7 on the river and I was out in 14th for a whopping $43.60. Now, even if I did double up there, I still may not have made it any further, but it was a crap way to go out. Also, as those of you that play these regularly know, once the bubble pops, there is a lot more pushing. If you finish between 10th and 18th, the money is the same. It is not until you get to the top 5 or so that the money is worth the time you have spent. Anyway, not a great way to go out, but probably inevitable given my short stack. After paying out Waffles and Surflexus, I made a whopping $3.60 profit. wOOt! I was off to bed at 1:30am with my big score.

Ok, last thing today is a quick story from Father’s Day that I forgot about yesterday. After we went out to lunch and stopped for ice cream, we were in the house, waiting for wifey to get home to play some waffle ball. My 3 yr old, who is recently potty trained ran into the bathroom to take a poop. He yells out, “I’m all duunnnnnn!”

Apparently I took too long to come in and help him because about 10 seconds later, he came walking out with just his shirt on. Before I could even react, he went screaming past me and out the front door into the front yard. I went running after him and told him to get back in the house. Surprisingly, he actually complied for once and came walking back into the house while his brothers were sitting there. As soon as he gets back in the house, he says, “I’m a pain in the ass!”

I thought my 2 older sons were going to piss themselves laughing. I also couldn’t be the good dad and couldn’t help smiling myself.

When I told my wife when she got home, who do you think got blamed for that one?

Good luck all. See you at the WWdN.


At 9:49 AM, Blogger jjok said...

potty training sucks. I swear my kids will be in diapers until they hit junior high.

and for the AJ hand? What can you say......bad beat for sure but you played very well to get where you were......

At 11:59 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Yeah Chris, nicely played in the 180 sng last night. I ended up going out in 35th place when my AQs could not catch a card against 55. What are you gonna do.

And FWIW I think you played almost all of the hands right last night. The AJs at the end of the 180 sng for sure. Especially when you're getting called by a 63o, you know you've played it correctly. Just bad luck there. Ditto on the suited club flop against CC earlier in the Hoy tournament. I would have made that play and I commend you for going for it, and for having the sense to fold to CC's reraise which was almost surely the right move.

The only questionable play I think was actually a very similar play to one I've commented on here often lately. The J9o hand. I feel like I post this here every week, but if one continues to play cripey hands like this, one constantly gets into messy situations just like the one you did where you flop middle pair, an oesd, etc. and you end up losing a big pot with shite. Have you read the Dan Harrington books on Holdem? If not, you have GOT to get some of that. Harrington harps right from the beginning of volume 1 about how you get yourself in bad situations by playing bad starting cards, and how it makes much more sense to make the decisions easy for yourself later in the hands by only playing good cards to start off with. Just my two cents, but I honestly believe your short-tournament game would improve dramatically overnight if you would make sure you cut back on these iffy plays preflop.

Either way thanks a ton for coming out to play last night. You'll be taking down the Hoy grand prize one of these days soon, I'm sure of it. Now go and schedule some more time out in Vegas for the WPBT get-together in July! Make it happen man!

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice run Chris sorry I missed it.

What's up with all these runner/runner/runner/runner beats?

At 2:04 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Great job last night. Sucks to go out like that. It was nice to see the other big hands like AA and KK hold up earlier.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger GoHogs21 said...

just wondering if you would dorp me a link to my blog on your page, got you on mine....Late

At 2:16 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

Thanks everyone. Hoy, I hear you normally but I was the BB. It was an unraised pto so I figured I was ahead. I had to make the move.

At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

kids say the darndest things.

At 3:55 PM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Hey Chris, nice run in the 180 SNG. Glad to see someone else is getting in trouble for language at home. The Wife swears our son is going to get expelled for half the stuff he's learned from me...


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