Monday, May 15, 2006

Washout Weekend

Man, I have been slacking on posting lately. I have been playing some pretty bad poker lately, which is part of the reason. Another reason is how busy I have been lately with work, baseball, etc. Enough excuses though.

I was actually home sick on Friday. I woke up and started getting ready for work but just felt like total crap. I called in, jumped onto the VPN for work, checked out a couple things, rescheduled some meetings, and fell back to sleep for a little while. My wife had left with the kids to drop off my middle son to school. About 10am, as I continued to lay on the couch feeling nauseous, I heard a truck rumbling into the driveway.

It was a truck from the nursery where my wife had bought some trees. Actually, where my wife had bought a bunch of trees. This little project started off as 4 trees along the driveway to provide a hedge between us and the neighbors. When they brought the first 4, my wife decided that she liked it so much, she wanted to go further with it so she ordered 5 more. It had been 2 weeks and she was getting pretty antsy, so it was good they were finally here I guess. While I was away, we had someone weed, mulch, edge, and put in the first 4 trees. It was a good thing too because the trees were big and impossible to move without multiple guys. It was money well spent and I was really happy that they had also dug the additional holes for the subsequent trees. Of course, since they were dug a week and a half ago, the kids had jumped in and out of them, threw rocks, dirtballs etc all over, and made a mess, but it was still good to have them dug.

They started pulling trees off the truck and they didn't look like what my wife had told me she was getting. I was expecting blue spruce trees and these were white pine or something. Plus, the old dude who was driving the truck told me that my wife hadn't paid them to put them in the holes, just drop them off. Ok, this post is going nowhere so to make a long story short, I called her, she bitched them out, they pulled out the right trees, put them in the holes. But, I had to dig out some of the backwashed dirt from each hole and felt like I was going to puke in each of them. It was grand.

Also, it has been pouring here since last week. I mean pouring. Some towns north of us got like 11 inches of rain this weekend. The baseball games all got rained out so we went furniture shopping. Like.everyone.else. It was a nightmare.

Yesterday, I feeling better and made the obligatory Mother's day breakfast. After that, my wife and her mother went out shopping for a while, then she went out to dinner and drinks with some of her friends. It is always a weird balance on Mother's day because what she really wants is some time to herself, but feels guilty because the kids think they should be doing stuff for her. Anyway, it was nice to give her some time to herself, especially with the weather so crappy here.

Ok, now that everyone is bored to tears, I will do another post on my poker exploits for the weekend. I am sure I have lost everyone on this one, so I will do a separate one. My poker exploits are always so much more riveting.


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