Friday, March 10, 2006

Semi Live Blogging My Home Game

Ok, having about 8 guys over for a home game. They should be here any time. I will blog as I get bounced each game. We'll see how it goes.

7:25pm Chips in the bowl. Salsa in the bowl. Jack on the rocks. Beer in the fridge.

7:30pm Table is ready, just waiting now.

8:02pm 6 people total, first game is ready to begin, cards are in the air

8:22pm Buddy has quad As, makes next to nothing with it though, almost induced the all in when another dude had a boat

9:24pm I am second out. I push with A4o short stacked. The BB calls with Q8h and hit the flush on the river. Thought he was calling 600 on top of the 400 blind but it was really 1050. Oh well, I suck.

9:28pm I am drunk

9:45pm Down to 2, another Jack on the rocks please

9:49pm They split, time to shuffle up and deal again, woohoo

9:53pm First hand, first guy goes down with a flush vs a boat

9:59pm Fourth hand, second guy goes down, ouch, looks like my SNG last night

10:43pm I just lost. Stupid move with K8o, I raised to steal and got re-raised, pushed (since I am drunk), hmmm, he has rockets, lovely, down to 3 handed

10:50pm Wife gets home with her girlfriend from movies (Brokeback Mountain, insert joke here), says she wants to play the next game, cool

11:15pm Still heads up, still drinking, ouch, morning is gonna come fast, kids up at 6am

11:20pm Just made a prop bet with Tripjax-BC Eagles vs Tar Heels tomorrow, my custom 10,000 poker chip to his card coaster something or other

11:35pm Game 3 is on, chicks involved (no offense) cards are in the air

1:57am Wow, long game. The short story is, wifey and I ran the table over. I thought she was meat on one hand when there was AKQJ on the board and she called the all in. Had her on 2 pair but she had the straight to chop that one. She played great! After the last non-us got bounced, we agreed to split (hahaha).

1:58am Wifey informs me that I will be the one getting up with the kids at 6am. Oh joy.

1:59am I down 2 glasses of water and a couple Excedrin to prepare for my wakeup call.

That's all folks. Go Eagles!!!!


At 3:31 AM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Jack on the rocks. Jack is a scary friend to have at the table with you...he always makes me call and raise stupid stuff. Oh well. Sounds like a good time. Hope the morning didn't kill ya.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

True dat hoff. I played like a donkey. It was still a good time though. I have beat some of these guys up the last couple times we played and it was getting old I think.

Not that I wasn't trying to win, but I played a lot looser and friendlier with my friend Jack.

It was a great time and the morning did suck. Wifey pushed me out of bed to turn on Dora and drool on the couch with the kids. All was well after coffee and some fresh air at the baseball field though.


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