Monday, March 20, 2006

Bad Beat or No?

Ok, just got home from my Monday night free poker tourney at the bar. Tonight was the monthly venue championship and I barely qualified for it by getting points in the State Championship last month.

Anyway, a quick bad beat story. I will try to whine as little as possible but this was a tough way to go out. One of my buddies tried to tell me it wasn't a bad beat but I disagree. What do you think? This is the situation.

The tourney is down to 6 people at the final table. I am in MP with 30K in chips. The BB is all in with 10K, which is exactly the amount of the BB (yeah, the structure sucks to the point where, when you get to the final table, most people have an M less than 5). The first 2 fold to me and I look at KdKs and push to take down the 5K from the SB and put myself heads up against the all in BB.

The guy to my left folds and the SB, who has 40k left, thinks for about a minute and decides to call with As9h. Short handed so not a terrible hand, although with the chip lead (barely), I am not sure I would have done the same. Nonetheless, I can't blame him thinking I might be on a straight steal. Anyway, the BB then turns over AdAc! Mind you, I have him covered so I can still actually make 10K on this deal, even if I don't crack the bullets.

The flop comes down 10h Kh 4c and my buddies give out a nice hoot. The turn is the 8h. Uh-huh, the river brings the Ah, which the BB thought gave him the hand, but actually gave the other dude a frickin flush with his 9h.

So, although I put my chips in behind at the beginning, that was only to the BB. I said it was a bad beat since I got the runner runner flush junk boot. Again, don't mean to whine, nor does it matter, since I was on the rail, but it was a bad way to go out in 5th place. That the game though.

Switching gears, what an ass kickin Gracie put on last night. I played in the WSOP Satellite that Iggy pulled together on Paradise. The strangest thing about playing on Paradise was the fact that a lot of screennames were not ones people recognized. I had no idea, hours after I was knocked out in 49th, out of 69 total, that I was watching Gracie battle it out for the WSOP seat. I watched the end of the game when she called the Poker Gnome all in preflop with KQ vs pocket 9s (I think it was 9s anyway). She hit her Q for a pot of close to 100K that switched her from being down 2-1 to being up 2-1. It was over shortly after that. They both played great though. Someday, it will be me I hope. I actually started at her table but then was moves to a table with Drizztdj, Double As, Otis, Garth, Ephro, shafers, craigny, claire danes, and kubota. I was overmatched here, I'll admit. Sorry, don't know everyones blog. Just shout at me if I should and I will update it. Anyway, I went out with a wimper when I pushed with about 1100 left with pockets biatches. Double As called me with Axo and hit the A to put me out. He was nice enough to say sorry, but no need, it was a good play. My stack was too wimpy for him to worry about at the time I think.

Speaking of being out hours before the end of a tourney, I have started to come back down to earth in the 45 SNG Challenge. I have bombed out in the last 3. I was out in literally 10 minutes in a $10 one that I jumped in with mow and surf before the satellite last night. It was bloody. I went out 40th. After the tourney, I ended up playing another one, this time a $6 turbo, since it was getting late. I ended up going out 10th, which sucked. Couldn't really get anything going and the pressure of the blinds got me. Oh well, I am going to take a couple days off from the 45 SNGs I think and try and clear some bonus on Full Tilt and finish off my bonus on Stars. I need the bonus for my bankroll there as it is reaching pathetic stages. I have been getting out of my element in playing the $10 SNGs lately. I need to stick to my $1 and $5 tourneys where I had success before. Guess that is just my speed at this point.

I might not make the WWdN tomorrow night. My son's indoor baseball training class doesn't get out until 8pm tomorrow night and that makes it real close for me to get home in time. If I don't, I will be hitting the ring games. As long as I can stay away from those new $4 180 SNGs on Stars. So many choices to lose my money.


At 12:38 AM, Blogger Alan said...

What the hell is a bad beat anyway? You went in behind, sucked-out to pull ahead and then someone else sucked-out on your suck-out.

I think all you can say is, "that's poker."

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Klopzi said...

I'd have to say it's not a bad beat, per se.

I don't think you can call anything a bad beat when the money's all in pre-flop.

I'd say you got extremely unlucky and there's nothing wrong with complaining about that.

I mean, you have cowboys - what are the odds that you run into AA? And to then have the A9 take the pot with a runner-runner flush...awful.

Don't let it get you down. It's the bad beats and bad luck that make winning all that much sweeter.

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

I don't see how people can NOT call this a bad beat. Yes, you should have lost the hand, but you should NOT have lost it to the A9o. He had a one outer since the other guy had the pocket rockets. The fact that he four flushed you after you caught your set is awful. I had something similar happen in a cash game: I went all in with AA and was called with AA. The other guy four flushed me and stole $80. Ugh.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

That is what I was thinking too Matt. I know I was behind to the BB but I had him well covered and the side pot would have actually made me money overall.

Since I was way ahead to the A9o, then hit the set, the runner runner to lose to the 4 flush, was a horrendous way to put me out of the tourney, IMHO. Oh well, love this game.


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