Sunday, January 01, 2006

I like poker again; kinda

Just went on a little run on Poker Stars. Won a $15+1 SNG and then a 2 table $6+.50 SNG. Figured I wouldn't write about it though because you know how those poker gods are. Well, I guess the rule isn't just about talking about. Can't think that you are going well either.

As soon as I won the second one, I jumped into another $6+.50. First hand, I get pocket Aces. I raise to 140 where the big blind is 20 since about 6 people were in. I get a couple callers. The flop is a 5, K, and 6. I bet 200 and get one caller. Next card is a J. I bet 400 and he calls again. Last card is K. I check and he goes all in. Now that is why I checked, to see what he would do. He went all in. Why the hell did I call it anyway??? Oh, that's right, because I suck at this game. He had K10 and I am done. Oh, well, it happens right. So one of the other guys at the table says "that is a tough beat", which I agreed, but didn't say anything. Then ding dong that chased me down, says "been there". Umm, yeah, of course you've been there. You suck worse than I do. I didn't say anything but just closed out the table and decided to whine some more.

So how was everyone's new year's eve? The wifey and I got a babysitter and went to dinner with some friends. Kind of expensive but it was new year's eve so we decided, since the babysitter was available we would do it. The restaurant was close by and we wouldn't be too late anyway.

We went with our friends that have no kids. Thanks to our night, they will most likely never have any either. After the first 4 courses of the meal was done, and we were waiting for the main course, my cell rings. Uh-oh my wife says. The place was kinda loud so I stepped out into the snow and answered the call from home.

"Umm, hi, umm, the baby woke up and threw up in his bed. He got some on his jammies and he is awake and so is Jack." I looked through the window to my worried wife and waved like hell to get her out there. We obviously had to leave but I wanted her to have to make the final call. "Ok, hold on, here is Tracy".

The restaurant packed up our main course and we got home just in time to clean up the puke while the ball dropped on 2006. Happy New Year everyone!


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