Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Red Sox banter...

So, much to the delight of all those Yankee fans out there, the Red Sox front off have really looked pretty clueless this off season. First, they let Theo get away because of some crazy reasons that people can only speculate on. Then, they make a good deal for a stud in Beckett (if his arm stays on his body), ship Renteria out of town like a dirty dishrag and then completely botch the Damon negotiations.

Now, we need a shortstop, a centerfielder, and oh yeah, we still need a first baseman. Just to pile it on, the left fielder wants to be traded yesterday and their number 2 starter wants out too. I know it is only December and spring training is still a couple months away but Larry better get moving.

I honestly don't think they ever genuinely wanted to resign Damon for what they knew it would take. Probably 4 years 45 mill would have kept him here if they did it quicker. For a 33 year old center fielder who can't throw any better than my 5 year old (he is an odds on favorite for the number draft pick in 2019 mind you), and has declined significantly since the shoulder injury last year, that was probably even a little steep. Mind you, I would love to have him back for the next years but I think after that, he isn't worth the money.

What I think is most laughable thing though are the smug Yankee fans. One dude called into XM the other day and said something like, "if Boston had an owner that wasn't so cheap, they could have kept him, but just like always, George gets things done. Now we have the best lineup in baseball!"

Ok dumbass, but Johnny can't pitch for you. From what I remember, the Yankees weren't exactly having trouble scoring last year either. Their problem was pitching. I will wait and see what Larry and the bozos get done before February before I get too worried.


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