Friday, December 30, 2005

Poker Sucks

Ok, I know that was quick, but I hate poker. Just played 2 SNGs on Stars. A $6.50 2 table deal and then a $15+1 2 table deal.

First, the $6.50. Doing pretty well, second in chips at the table with a guy just behind me. There are 6 people left in the tourney and I get bullets. Raise to $300 ($150 BB) to hope to get some action. The guy just behind me in chips pushes all in and I gladly call. That left me with $240 in chips but when I saw he had Ad10h, I am looking real good. Then the flop comes with 2 hearts but I am still good. Woohoo, needed this double up to relax a little. Turn is another heart. Hmm, didn't like that turn card, but I am still in great shape. Oh look at the river, another heart. Too bad my bullets aren't red. Sonofa...

Ok, I want to regroup so I put a little more money on the line so I will concentrate better and hopefully play against better players so I can make some moves when needed. I was doing great but noticed that the players at the $15+1 actually sucked way more than the lower buyins. Oh well, better for me. They were reckless, especially the chip leader who was getting lucky and then bullying the hell out of everyone. We get down to the final 7 players so I am looking good to get into the money at least. I am in 4th place but pretty comfy over 5-7th. I get dealt AQo, a small stack pushes and then another medium stack goes over the top and pushes too. I decided to let them fight it out and I fold. The very next hand, I get AQ suited. I raise preflop and get called by the big stack. The flop comes rainbow with Q, 4,5. The big stack makes a big bet (about half my stack) but I know he is full of shit, and he has been calling and betting on everything like a donkey. I push and he calls with...K6o. Woohoo. What a dumbass! The turn comes 7. Hmm, that's not a good turn card but I can't get beat runner, runner again to knock me out right??? River is a 4. Thanks for playing with the donkey. I never get mad when I play the right way, and I clearly did but wtf. I actually typed a posthumous, "dude, that was a terrible play" and logged out asap. I hate people that do that too!!!

Oh well, I am sure I will be addicted by tomorrow again but man, what a sucky night. Ok, enough whining. Time to sleep and get ready to try and stay awake past midnight tomorrow. Happy New Year.


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