Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Check out Boston Poker Club

For those in the Boston area, or anywhere else really, check out They organize some events in the area and online. Every Sunday night on Crazy Poker, there is a tourney. They just started doing it about 3 weeks ago and there is only one table right now but there are a lot of people that read the forums, etc. so that will probably change pretty quickly.

I played like dog poop on Christmas night and there were only 6 people in. I came in 4th. Nothing even memorable enough to talk about in that one really but everyone is friendly and it is a good game to make regularly I would think.

One of the events that they arranged was a $400 freeroll with I guess the Boston Poker Club is a sponsor and NLOP is a new online poker site that is a totally free site. They are set to go live in January so they had this freeroll on Monday night to test the software and introduce themselves to some players. It ended up being a good time. There were 139 people that entered and I ended up coming in 5th and getting a check for $25. Not too bad for a couple hours of playing free poker. Honestly, I played with some pretty bad players there. The funniest thing was that 2 of the other guys that played in the 6 handed Sunday night tourney, also finished in the top 5. The site had some issues but I guess they are working on them and are still shooting to release in January so check it out.


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