Friday, July 16, 2010

True Poker Review

The True Poker Site looks good. As the centrepiece of a poker website it really hits the spot. The nice looking graphics sit well on a black background and in a nide twist the guys at Truepoker have not put a “download now” banner that takes up most of the page but have made it big enough to see easily without ruining the overall look and feel. The lack of dropdown menus for easy navigating is the only criticism I would make of it, though in actuality it is so easy to navigate that this is a small criticism indeed.

The software itself was took a while to download, though the process was easy enough. The reason it took so long to download was due to the extraordinary quality that you are getting on the site. Personally I love the sites that attempt to give you the 3-D poker experience. The atmosphere of a real poker table is much more present when you can do the small things like lift up your cards and exude your own personality, so in my book they really deserve two thumbs up for the look and feel of the software.

Unless your site is in one of the “big 5” poker sites on the net traffic is going to be a problem for you. The traffic on True Poker is pretty sparse around six hundred and fifty players at peak times on all tables, though players on the site tend to be playing Texas Hold ‘em. This need not be a huge disadvantage as their tends to be a lot of fish playing at TruePoker and not many sharks so a competent player should be able to do pretty well here. Beware however, some of these fish can be the kamikaze type with a tendency to go all in at the drop of a hat and even a broken clock is right twice a day.

The signup bonus offered on True Poker is the standard one hundred percent though infuriatingly they don’t say up to how much. There are some other promotions also such as refer-a-friend and surprisingly they also offer rakeback. When I went to read about the rakeback promotion on the website I was assaulted by a barrage of impenetrable bureaucratic literature that I couldn’t quite decipher. A bit disappointing how light True Poker is on the bonuses.

I like the customer support services on True Poker. There is live chat which is rare with a poker site and always a pleasure. There are also specific email addresses for the more conventional way of dealing with your poker related problems. If these two aren’t enough for you there is a number you can phone to speak to a representative of the site. True Poker offers some pretty heavy security on the site, mainly because they go with e wallets over credit cards making it difficult for any cyber bandits to get to your hard won cash. All in all there are some very good and very bad things on True Poker making it a pretty mixed bag I advise you to check it out for yourself but be ready to drop it if it’s not for you.


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