Monday, May 01, 2006

Getting ready to go

I am rushing around this morning trying to get ready for my flight to Munich tonight. I ended up changing it from tomorrow to tonight because my son’s play is actually going to have another performance in June that I will be able to see. Very cool. So I am going a day in advance to check out some of Germany before my meetings start on Wednesday. Plus, I won’t have to fly overnight and have to go directly to the office for the meeting.

Anyway, last night I posted my results from the tourney this weekend and I was checking out sitemeter this morning. If you type in “poker suckouts” you will find me on Google. Wonderful. I am sure smokkee and roccoboxer would agree, haha.

That made me think of one of the hands that made a big difference at the final table this weekend. I want to see what people thought. Personally, I thought it was a donkey play but it sure did sound a lot like the beat I put on smokkee last week in the Mookie.

Down to 3 players and the blinds are huge. Like 40k/80k and noone had an M above 4. The guy with the smallest stack was on the button and pushed pre-flop. The SB folded and but the BB called off about 90% of her stack to make the call. Sorry, I can’t remember all the gory details, but those are the major details.

The button turns over A4o. In his position, that was what he pretty much had to do anyway. The BB turns over K3c. Now I know that I called smokkee with K2 sooted but it only cost me about 20% of my stack (ok, I am starting to sound defensive, I will get over it) and he had to make a move also.

Anyway, the button flopped 2 pair but that gave the BB a flush draw. The flush came on the river and the poor guy was out. The BB ended up losing later and finishing in second place.

What would you have done in that position?

Anyway, I fly tonight on Lufthansa. They have wireless internet service while in flight. See you at the virtual felt while at 40,000 feet tonight? I hope so. I loaded Stars up on the work laptop just for the occasion.

I will try to post a couple times this week, time and connection at the hotel permitting of course. Everyone have a great week.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Chris, congrats on your live tourney performance this weekend. Even against less than optimal competition, 13th out of 160 or so is a quality finish regardless, so way to go. I would love to hear about some of your big hands on your way to cashing, but I know in live play it's much harder to remember everything or takes notes for later bloggage, I've so been there.

And about the hand you mentioned in your blog, I think it's a mistake to have called that preflop move with K3. Bottom line in short handed play is something I once heard Phil Ivey say on some televised show -- I try never to play hands with low kickers when short-handed. Sure you might be the only guy to flop top pair, but the real inflection points (to use a Harrington term) come when you get reraised or something on the flop or turn. With a lowass kicker like a 2 or 3, you're basically forced into folding in that situation, and I will try hard to avoid putting myself in that situation wherever possible in short handed play.

That said, calling with any King isn't a terrible play. It's just not one that I would normally make, absent some read on the guy who had pushed in from the button to begin with.

Enjoy your first trip to Europe man. Go play at the Aviation Club in Paris while you're there, willya? And tell that David Benyamine that he's got one hot girlfriend, if the rumors are true.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Again, nicely done in the live tourney. On the hand, that's a tough call. Look at BB's position. She's going to almost be blinded in on the SB in the next hand. Finding a s00ted king in that situation begs for a call. The low kicker sucks, but all you can hope is that button's hand isn't too powerful. It's an ugly situation, with not a lot of options. If she had a larger stack that could support one more BB bet (beyond posting the SB), then you can look at folding, otherwise you gotta go for it. Hell, she won that hand. What else can you say?

At 1:57 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

BTW, have fun in Europe. I'm in the market for a blonde, Swedish mistress, 18 or so, 5'3" to 5'9". If you can't get her into the overhead compartment on the flight back, go ahead and ship her over...I'll transfer the funds back to you via PokerStars!

At 3:44 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Nice job out in St. Louis. Too bad the structure wasn't better. Did you ever find a place to play poker in Europe this week ?


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