Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rough Saturday Night at the tables

Had a good time with wifey in Maine for Friday night. We ended up at some sports bar for about 4 hours. There wasn't a lot open up there, since it is still the off-season, so Haddock Jack's it was. We had a lot of food, drink and fun hanging out there.

We got home yesterday and it was a beautiful day. In the mid-60's for baseball practice. After putting my youngest to bed last night, my oldest and my wife decided to watch a movie, so I jumped onto River Belle for a little action.

I started off doing pretty well on the 50c/$1.00 limit tables. I was up about $20 when I closed out those tables and checked my balance. It seemed a little higher than I expected. I checked my email and had won some $25 award for playing those tables this weekend through some promotion. Cool beans.

I then made a mistake, although I didn't play bad. I just got really unlucky at a table that I shouldn't have been at. I played one $50 NL table. With the extra bonus, plus the money I had won at limit, I wanted to take a chance. I played tight and patient and was up a couple bucks when I was dealt QQ on the button.

Someone in late position put in a raise up to $4 but I still flat called. The flop was Q A 3. The guy put in a bet of $6 and I raised him to $12. To make a long story short, I didn't put him on the pocket Aces that he had and got stacked with my set of Qs. Wonderful.

If that wasn't bad enough, I decided to jump into a $1/$2 limit table with $40. To make a long story short, I had TPTK beat by AA, had my overpair beat by a bigger overpair, and on the last hand, where I lost the last of my money, I flopped top set and finished with a beaten full house to quad 5s.

Just terrible luck. The only thing that really pissed me off was the guy tried to tell me that I was bound to lose a lot of money on that flop? The board was 10, 5, 3 and I had a set of 10s. He flopped a set of 5s. The fact that he got lucky and hit his 1-outer on the turn did not make that flop bad for me. I didn't get his reasoning but whatever. It didn't matter, I lost my buy-in.

Back to 50c/$1.00 limit with 3 tables to hopefully clear my deposit bonus here.

We are just chilling here and waiting to go to my family's this morning for an egg hunt and breakfast. Then dinner with my wife's family this afternoon back here. The kids had us up before 6am today and we were outside searching for eggs by 6:15am. Hope everyone has a great holiday.


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